When choosing the right street sweeper for your company, municipality, or your sweeping contract, it is important to use the rule of 80%.

Your choice of street sweeper should be based on what the machine will be used for approximately 80% of the time.

Quite often equipment purchasers will be looking for the perfect unit that will work in every application at 100% efficiency.

Every street sweeper is used in many different environments and conditions. The goal of total efficiency and the perfect solution is often never possible.

Consider the Elgin Sweeper Company — the largest manufacturer of street sweepers. They build four distinct types of sweepers:

  1. Mechanical with squeegee conveyance
  2. Mechanical with belt conveyance
  3. Pure Vacuum
  4. Regenerative Vacuum

Moreover, there are a few models to choose from in each category:

There is more than one manufacturer of these types and each has its own distinct advantage:

  • Elgin Sweeper
  • Tymco
  • Schwarze
  • Johnston
  • Alliance
  • Vacall

So, first figure out what you intend to sweep up and what road surface conditions exist. Then we can go to next step matching a sweeper type to 80% of usage application.

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