Standard Equipment Vactor HXX excavatorCGA-DIRT Annual Report states that there were 317,869 known strikes with damage in 2016, including 468 strikes so far today. Based on 2016 rates there’s a strike every 1 minute and 39 seconds for a total of 225,149 strikes since January 1, 2018, costing an estimated $786,897,426 in damages (excluding lawsuits).

Of known reported strikes with data, 84.2% caused service interruptions

Of known reported strikes with data, 63.9% caused downtime for the excavators

Excluding property damage, evacuations, road closures, environmental impacts, lawsuits, injuries and fatalities, the strikes in 2016 had a minimum estimated societal cost of $1.5 billion. That’s an average cost of about $4719 per strike.

By using a vacuum excavator 99.8% of known reported strikes could have been avoided.

Vacuum Excavation and Hydro Excavation

Safety is the key reason why vacuum excavation is important on even ordinary repair and maintenance jobs. Many states require a visual verification around utilities before repair or construction work can begin – preventing accidents that can cost millions in damage and risk of injury or death to workers and the public. The added bonus is the small repair holes, possible only by using vacuum excavation, which reduces environmental and surface replacement costs and is less disruptive to traffic and commerce.

The Vactor HXX Series of Hydro Excavators®, are proven leaders in hydro excavation, with a full line of powerful machines that safely tackle major excavations while also managing smaller jobs with precision. Vactor offers the widest range of vacuum excavators for the Utility Industry ranging from single to four-rear axle vacuum trucks, 3.5 cu. yard to 15 cu. yard debris capacity, and air, water or both for digging. For over 50 years, Vactor Manufacturing has been building durable, reliable products using air conveyance, high-pressure water, and vacuum technology. The Vactor HXX vacuum excavation product line includes the following vacuum trucks:


Vacuum Excavation and Hydro-Excavation

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