(This article by Denny Danko was first published in September 2011)

Depend on Us!

denny-dankoIt’s a slammin’ catch-phrase, and it looks good embroidered on a shirt or a cap. Our company believes in it and wants our customers to believe in it.

But, until the concept Depend On Us graduates from catch-phrase to a legitimate culture, we will be a collection of “depend on some of us (at one time or another).”

When we were all hired into Standard Equipment, it was because each of us possessed particular talents that our interviewers felt would be an asset to the organization. We have truck people, car people, electric mavens, and hydraulic gurus. And there are those with no particular strength other than a driving desire to learn something and be somebody we can depend on.

The tough part is organizing the appropriate resources to transform this multitude of talents into a cohesive, working culture. A culture capable of performing any task on any type vehicle, to its successful completion.

I am one of these appropriate resources charged with a small piece of this transformation. My role is “teacher.”

I have an education specializing in Industrial Technology and have been teaching and solving Vactor-related problems (and other brands of sewer cleaners and street sweepers) for 27 of my 36 years in this field.

At Standard Equipment, I help break down Vactor problems into components. In the end, it’s not magic, it’s nuts and bolts.

The magic is watching one of our guys get it.

Together, we are analyzing, tearing down, repairing and rebuilding, testing and completing. Most of all, we are learning something today that will have value for us and our company tomorrow.

Over the last several months, I have had the pleasure of working with the team overhauling rodder pumps and troubleshooting various problems. We have worked well together tackling HXX problems, learning basic metal work and a few tricks to a specialized trade.

Keep your mind open and keep on learning. We shall legitimately say, Depend On Us!

Denny Danko