We provide CCTV Sewer Camera evaluations and repairs to ensure that your camera functions at peak performance. Our evaluations include free pick-up and delivery, a system analysis, cable testing, highly skilled workmanship, and estimates for repairs.

See Your Repair Being Performed Live Via Skype:

With our state of the art Tech-Lab, Andrew and the sales team prepare for a busy season in new camera sales, demos, and repairs.

It will be busy because of the momentum we have gained through product demonstrations and the improvements we’ve made to our support systems. We have truly positioned ourselves as one of the leaders in pipeline inspection equipment with a continued effort to broaden our product knowledge.

Standard Equipment is the camera system expert. Something we will continue to exhibit through many more product demonstrations, training schools, and support.

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Andrew McCarthy

Camera Support Specialist
(312) 706-9698

“When you bring your inspection camera to Standard Equipment Company, you can depend on all repairs and knowledge of the product to be above the rest.”

Standard Equipment is now NASSCO
PACP, MACP, and LACP certified!

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  • NASSCO sets the industry standard for assessing and rehabilitating underground infrastructure.
  • More consistent utilization of data.
  • Provides the capability of benchmarking sewers within a single utility.
  • Ability to detect change over time.
  • Instills confidence in operators and describing pipe conditions.
  • Save money on pipe renewal.

For more information on pipeline assessment visit: www.nassco.org