Vacuum Excavation and Hydro-Excavation

Vacuum excavation occurs when high-pressure water or pressurized air breaks up and cuts the soil, while a high-flow vacuum system lifts the soil up and out of the excavation area. Vactor HXX vacuum excavators use hydro-excavation or air excavation to quickly and efficiently uncover buried natural gas, petroleum pipelines, and water mains, with greatly reduced risk of strike. Vactor vacuum excavators can also safely locate fiber optic lines, cables, and other utilities, while avoiding the damage that can happen with traditional mechanical digging.

Combination Sewer Cleaners 2100 Series

Vactor combination sewer cleaners combine high-pressure water jetting and a high-flow vacuum source to scour pipes clean then vacuum up the material causing blockages to restore and maintain normal sewer flow. Vactor products feature the exclusive Vactor Jet Rodder® water pump with jack hammer action. The powerful vacuum source can be either a centrifugal compressor (fan) or positive displacement blower (PD) depending on application. With the Modul-Flex design, numerous-sized debris tanks from 3 to 15 cubic yards (2.3 – 11.5 cu m), and water capacities from 500 to 1,500 gallons (1,893 – 5,678 liters) are available.

Street Sweeping

The Elgin Broom Bear is specially suited for heavy sweeping such as granular materials like millings or gravel. Simple sweeper controls make it easy to operate and it’s single engine design keeps maintenance or the need for replacement sweeper parts to a minimum. With its highway speeds, and short wheelbase, the Broom Bear is at home both in both congested urban areas and far away rural locations. The short wheelbase and large brooms make the Elgin Broom Bear ideal for sweeping in tight cul-de-sacs.

Street Sweeping

The Elgin Pelican broom sweeper is a three-wheel mechanical sweeper based on one of the original street sweeper designs, which has been continuously improved since 1914, meeting the highest sweeper standards. Maneuverability, economy, serviceability and single lane dumping with a sweep system that easily handles heavy compacted dirt and bulky debris are all features of the Elgin Pelican. An isolation-mounted cab provides a cleaner, quieter operation, and the improved 360-degree visibility and easier access for service and maintenance make the Elgin Pelican an industry standard in road sweepers.

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