Broom BearBuying used equipment can be a frightening task. The condition of the item up for sale is often uncertain.

Looking to purchase a used street sweeper, used refuse truck or used sewer cleaning truck? It’s important to understand as much about the product and the purchase process as possible.

For example, auctions only offer used street sweepers, garbage trucks or used sewer cleaning trucks as-is. There is little or no analysis of condition. Brokers do not own the equipment. They do not necessarily know much about the equipment they are selling from third-party inventories. Even most dealers do not take the time to evaluate their offerings. They are more interested in moving the equipment they have in stock than providing a solution to a true need.

So, questions like these are real-world concerns for buyers:

  • Did the previous owner maintain the street sweeper or sewer cleaning truck properly?
  • How much money in upgrades and repairs will this unit need?
  • Will the equipment work for the intended use?
  • Are there any alternatives to this unit?

To help eliminate these concerns, Standard Equipment offers our exclusive Custom Rebuilt equipment. Many of our repeat and first-time customers have become reliant upon this option.

Custom Rebuilt is a trademarked process. We seek out quality, re-buildable street sweepers, refuse hauling trucks, and sewer cleaning trucks. They come from top manufacturers such as Vactor, Vaccon, Super Products, Vacall, and Gapvax. Along with refuse trucks from Leach, Heil, and McNeilus. Or sweepers from Elgin, Schwarze, Johnston, and Tymco.

Most of this equipment comes from municipal sources. We have found this equipment is better maintained and used by a limited number of operators.

We select each unit based on its particular application strength, potential areas for rebuilding, and its potential for extended useful life.

This selection process helps identify the best equipment. We avoid unnecessary rebuilds and maximize investment into critical wear areas.

First, we select a used street sweeper or sewer cleaning truck for the Standard Equipment Custom Rebuilt program. Next, we transport the unit to our expansive product rebuild facility.

The unit undergoes an extensive cleaning and diagnostic exam. Our trained technicians oversee each aspect of the mechanical and chassis inspection. Along with our parts department, they produce an in-house quote of repairs based on the customer’s needs.

Once we have the quote, we begin the custom rebuild upgrades that the customer has selected. This process usually takes approximately six weeks before the Custom Rebuilt product is complete.

Our expertise in rebuilding has been fine-tuned over the past four decades. Our technicians are proficient in solution mindedness from the chassis to the working sweeper or sewer cleaning functions.

Upon completion, our equipment is run through a testing process across all functions.  This virtually eliminates any large after delivery repairs. The performance measurements are recorded and provided to any prospective customers.

Our Custom Rebuilt machines are an excellent opportunity to match our customers’ needs and budget to the equipment that we either have in process or can obtain in the near future.

Highly trained Standard Equipment representatives are knowledgeable in the specifications of an individual machine, its production capabilities, and the durability based on a customer’s projected usage.

Each Standard Equipment Custom Rebuilt machine comes with a rebuild record, stated warranty and training session.

The entire Standard Equipment Custom Rebuilt process helps customers avoid headaches by addressing real-world buying concerns. It’s also what sets us apart from auctions, brokers, and other dealers. You owe it to yourself to know the people and the process that went into your next piece of used equipment. Choose Custom Rebuilt!