The XV500 — Heavy Duty Debris Box Container

The XV500 is made out of 12-gauge steel and has a 1/2 inch expanded steel mesh top.


XV500The XV500 is a heavy duty debris box container designed for the toughest jobs. It is made out of 12-gauge steel and has a 1/2 inch expanded steel mesh top.


XV500Xtreme Vac XV500
ConstructionOne-piece construction. Manufactured with 12-gauge steel
Rubber GasketFlexible rubber gasket with a 16″ diameter hole.
Dimensions78″ wide by 72″ tall x 8 feet long is standard but custom sizes are available.


SectionDetailed Specifications
ConstructionOne-piece construction. Manufactured with 12-gauge steel panels and 3/16″ x 1-1/2″ thick angle frame supports
DoorTop-hinged door, completely framed with 4 vertical and 4 horizontal 3/16″ x 2″ x 2″ angle frame supports. The panels are 12-gauge steel. The door has a hose support and a flexible rubber gasket with a 16″ diameter hole to accommodate the exhaust hose.
Hinges4 cleave-type hinges which are constructed of 3/8″ thick steel with a 3/4″ thick pin.
Door LatchA unique easy-open latch eliminates door rod binding. The convenient handle easily locks and unlocks the box door for dumping.
Rubber GasketThe 16″ diameter hole is positioned to support the bottom of the exhaust hose 40″ from the bottom of the box. Other heights and hole diameters are available as an option.
Lifting Eyes4 lifting eyes, two on each corner are welded to the top of the box allowing the box to be lifted easily with a crane or hoist.
Handles4 convenient handles are welded to the long sides of the box, two at 3 feet from the bottom and two at six feet from the bottom.
Inside of BoxSmooth interior for easy dumping and equipped with heavy-duty rubber deflector to stop debris from hitting the front of the box.
Floor PanelBox floor is a short floor panel that allows the box to over-hang the back of the truck by as much as 12 inches.
Box Top and ScreenBox Top and Screen The top is two-thirds vented with 1/2″ expanded flattened steel. The screen is supported with 3/16″ x 1-1/2″ angle frames.
Dimensions78-inch wide x 72-inch tall x 8 foot long (with additional length increments of 6 inches) *Please note the angle frame and handles add 4-3/4″ to the width. The absolute minimum truck bed width needed for a 78 in. wide box is 81″.
PaintThe box is primed with a rust inhibitor primer and painted with two coats of automotive quality paint.
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