SCL65SM3 Self Centered Heavy Duty Leaf And Debris Vacuum

The loader uses the powerful John Deere 74HP 3 cylinder diesel engine to outlast and outperform any debris collector on the market.


SCL65SM3X-FrontRHThe SCL65SM is a powerful, heavy duty debris collector designed for the toughest jobs. The loader uses the powerful John Deere 74HP 3 cylinder diesel engine to outlast and outperform any debris collector on the market.


  • John Deere Power Tech EWX 2.9L, 3 cylinder diesel 74HP Final Tier 4 engine.
  • Belt Drive, 4 grooved power band
  • 28-inch diameter Impeller made of T-1 steel
  • Optional In Cab Controls
  • Dump body available in 14, 20, 25 and 30 CY capacities



SCL65SMXtreme Vac SCL65SM
EngineJohn Deere Power Tech EWX 2.9L, 3 cylinder diesel 74HP Final Tier 4 engine.
Impeller28″ diameter with 6 blades
Blower HousingConstructed of 11 gauge steel with 1/4″ thick steel liners
Suction InletCurbside Pickup.
Drive Type3-grooved power band.
Box Container14,20,25 OR 30 cubic yard capacity self-dumping container.
In-Cab Controlsjoystick controls of intake hose (on multi-axis models).


SectionDetailed Specifications
EngineJohn Deere Power Tech EWX 2.9L, 3 cylinder diesel 74HP Final Tier 4 engine.
Engine MountEngine is equipped with four 45 degree slant designed engine mounts to eliminate vibration.
RadiatorPressurized, heavy duty. Trash style with a 6-blade fan.
Radiator ScreenConstructed of ½” expanded flattened steel with steel mesh. The screen is bottom hinged to allow for cleaning without powering down the engine.
Engine ControlsMounted in clear view and reachable with ease inside a hinged instrument panel. Gauges include tachometer, hour meter, volt meter, fuel gauge and oil pressure gauge. All monitoring gauges are backlit. Automatic safety shutdown for high temperature or low oil pressure with LED indicator lights.
Engine Sheet MetalEngine is covered by a custom sheet metal enclosure constructed of 16-gauge steel. The enclosure has front and rear access doors, which are louvered for proper air circulation. Two doors are provided on top of the enclosure for convenient access to the radiator cap and oil fill cap.
PTOHeavy duty 13” automotive style PTO with a 2.25” shaft.
Drive Type3-grooved power band.
Impeller28” diameter with 6 gusseted blades constructed of 3/8” thick abrasive resistant T-1 steel with a Brinell hardness exceeding 400. Each blade is gusseted on the back side and welded to a 1/4” thick backing plate. Impeller blades are flat with serrated tips for increased wear. The impeller is secured to the shaft via a taper locking bushing.
Impeller Shaft2” diameter precision machined steel.
Impeller BearingsTwo 2” diameter double roller 4 bolt flange type bearings.
Blower HousingOuter housing is constructed of 3/16” thick welded steel, front and back plates are 10-gauge steel. A safety kill switch shuts down the engine when the hose is disconnected.
LinersMade of 1/4” abrasive resistant steel.
3 Axis Hose BoomThe intake hose shall be a 3-axis (in/out, up/down & forward/reverse) that is hydraulically operated. It provides a 170-degree working arc from the front of the truck all the way towards the rear. All three boom functions are performed by hydraulic cylinders. For transport, the boom shall store the hose toward the rear and rest in a cradle.
Boom SupportThe boom assembly shall be mounted to 4” square tubing frame. The entire boom mounting assembly is hinged to gain full access to the blower housing. Complete access for service and maintenance of the impeller and blower housing liners do not require the removal of the 3-axis boom assembly.
Joystick ControllerA multi-function joystick shall be mounted in the cab of the chassis to operate the boom functions. The joystick shall have a “dead mans” trigger to prevent accidental boom movement.
Suction Hose16” diameter x 120” long. Heavy-duty, wire reinforced .060” thick flexible urethane hose fitted with a nozzle constructed of 12-gauge steel.
HydraulicsGear driven hydraulic pump connected directly to the engine powers the 3-Axis hose boom and dumping hopper. A hydraulic reservoir with an in-line filter and sight gauge is provided.
Dumping HoistUses a Crysteel scissor style double acting hoist capable of dumping 15.2 tons for the 14 CY, 21.5 tons for the 20 CY and 26.6 tons for the 25 & 30 CY units.
Box ContainerSelf dumping container constructed of 12-gauge steel with vented top and side hinge doors that lock in the open position for dumping. Available in 14, 20, 25 & 30 cubic yard capacities.
Top ScreensTwo (14 & 20) or three (25 & 30) easily removable 1/2” expanded steel mesh screens are located on the top of the box container.
ChassisHeavy duty channel steel, formed and welded. Chassis is constructed of 3”x8” tubular steel with a 1/4” wall thickness.
LightingStop/turn signals with turn signal indicators are standard. Dual LED strobes are mounted in the rear.
Fuel Tank30-gallon capacity constructed of 1/4″ thick polyethylene.
PaintAll components pre-painted with automotive quality paint – hopper to be White. Engine compartment & vacuum blower housing to be painted battleship grey Chassis frame and underside of hopper painted: Gloss Black.
  • Bottom Exhaust for hopper
  • Light Bar on hopper nose cone with 4 front & 1 per side amber flashing LED lights.
  • Rear color camera with screen with audio
  • Hook lift version with sub-frame
  • HD rubber suction hose
  • Air Scoop on top of hopper
  • Hydraulic rear door latches for the single top-hinged door.
  • Chipper door and trailer hitch with wiring
  • Fluid drive coupler in lieu of standard clutch
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