Quickview Air HD Zoom Camera

A wireless HD viewer into any sewer. The Quickview air HD is the only zoom survey camera with features to boost your productivity, detail, and safety.

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Quickview Air HD Zoom Camera

An Instant, Wireless HD View Into Any Sewer


Understand sewer condition rapidly and affordably with the Quickview zoom camera. Using high-powered zoom optics, Quickview assesses sewer lines from an adjoining manhole and also inspects manholes and tanks. It’s perfect for:

  • Diagnosing emergency call-outs.
  • Avoiding confined space entry.
  • Conserving CCTV resources.
  • Performing a rapid, system-wide assessment.
  • Prioritizing CCTV, cleaning and rehab activities.
  • Viewing pipes too deteriorated for a crawler.



For Productivity

The new Quickview airHD is the only zoom survey camera to offer these features to boost your productivity, detail, and safety:

  • Remote tilt adjustment
  • HD video
  • Cable-free (wireless) design
  • Touchscreen tablet control
  • In-manhole view centering
  • Hands-free stabilization


quickview-inspection-detailInspection Detail

  • Quad-Haloptic light engine maximizes viewing distance and sidewall illumination.
  • HD camera delivers 4X more detail than SD.
  • Low-lux imager captures enhanced detail from darker/farther regions.


To See What Matters

  • Touchscreen tablet interface allows control, viewing, annotation, and playback.
  • For optimum centerline viewing, camera height and tilt adjust remotely.
  • Clamp-on bipod allows hands-free operation for maximum image stability.


quickview-portableTo Deploy Anywhere

  • System components travel in compact, rugged roller case with telescoping handle.
  • Collapsible pole fits in pickup bed but extends to 16’ (or longer with extensions).
  • Rechargeable, swappable 4-hr lithium-ion batteries keep you inspecting all day.
  • WiFi-based control and video transmission mean no cables