New Way® Mammoth™ Western Series Front Loader Refuse Truck

Designed with one-piece, curved shell body side construction for superior strength and streamlined appearance, the New Way Mammoth Front Loader comes equipped with the strongest steel specs in the industry. In addition, heavy-duty, single-piece constructed arms, torque tube assembly and Pack-on-the-Go features maximize route and labor efficiency.


New Way Mammoth Western Series Front Loader Refuse Truck

You don’t need to sacrifice strength in your front loader refuse truck when a lighter weight matters. The New Way® Western Series Mammoth Front Loader is over 10 percent lighter than the Mammoth, while boasting the same superior strength and capacity you have come to expect from New Way®. Weighing in at just 16,100 to 17,300 lbs, the Western Series Mammoth maintains an impressive 34 to 40 yd³ hopper capacity and a packer cycle time of only 25 seconds.

This front loader was designed to be compliant with DOT weight regulations in many areas, which has been accomplished with lighter weight, high-tensile steels. This results in superior strength at a reduced overall body weight.

Customization of the Western Series Mammoth to accommodate 2 to 4 yd³ bins is easy with smaller cylinder sizes. This front loader still offers an incredible 8,000 lbs of lift in the single-piece arm, but when less strength is required for smaller bins, customers can also select a 6,000 lb cylinder option.

Each Western Series Mammoth front loader’s standard equipment includes high-tensile steel; heavy-duty, single-piece arms; torque tube assembly; two safety cameras, one for operator viewing of the hopper and another for backing; and the largest clean-out doors and sump in the industry. New Way® also includes a two-year cylinder warranty on all trucks.

Overall, the Western Series Mammoth front loader offers brute force, superior strength, and stamina, all while being weight log compliant with DOT regulations.

Standard Equipment

  • Light-weight Full Ejection Body
  • Auto-Lock Tailgate
  • Dual Lever Controls
  • Denison Vane Pump
  • All LED Lights
  • Automatic Packer
  • Curved Shell Body
  • Finish Paint – White
  • Sliding Hopper Door
  • Hopper Side Access Door
  • Body Side Ladder
  • Dual Camera System
  • Mounting
  • Pack on the Go
  • Rear Body Sump with Curved Floor (145 Gal.)

Optional Equipment

  • Dual Sump Clean Out Doors
  • 8,000 lbs. Arm Capacity
  • Service Host
  • Outside Controls
  • Special Lighting
  • Washout Tank
  • Color Code Paint