Waterless/Dust Control Sweepers

Waterless Dust Control

Street sweepers often need to meet rigorous environmental specifications, such as water conservation or eliminating dust in applications where water cannot be used. Or have a requirement to sweep year round regardless of weather. The Elgin waterless dust control system picks up bulky material down to fine particles without the use of water for dust control.

“Not only has Elgin Sweeper addressed our municipal, industrial and contractor customers’ need for high-efficiency dust removal, they are also helping to conserve water across North America with a sweeper that will prove to be more efficient and more effective in sweeping streets and roadways,” said Brian Giles, sweeper products manager at Elgin Sweeper Company.

The waterless version offers year-round sweeping that has proven to significantly increase pick-up of fine particles over traditional, wet dust control sweepers. Our current focus with the Waterless Pelican is in industrial applications such as steel mills, recovery, aggregate plants and stone quarries.