negativityThere’s a saying that one negative person can influence 10 positive people.

Then wouldn’t the reverse be true? Can 10 positive people influence one negative person? Seems that this is not usually the case.

The power of negativity is strong and compelling. In fact, many of us gravitate towards negative people without realizing why or noticing the influence they have on our lives. It happens everywhere; at home, work, in the field and behind closed doors.

You would think that a large organization would have hundreds of negative people within its ranks. The truth is, it’s generally a few individuals within an organization.

This is why negative people have so much power. They sneak up on us. They begin with subtle comments — secrets, gossip or complaints about the organization or individuals within it. Many times we don’t intend to get caught up in the negativity, but we do.

Then, over a period of time, the negativity becomes infectious and we find ourselves adding to the discussions. Before we know it, we’ve become a prisoner of negativity; a victim of its subtle powers of captivation.

What can you do to avoid the negative influence? First, double check yourself.

Think of it this way, if someone was a thief, who would they tell? Most likely another thief, right?

If someone was to tell a discriminatory joke, who would they chose as an audience? Usually, someone who is going to agree with their point of view. So, you need to ask yourself why negative people come to you. Do they perceive you as negative?

If they could go to anyone to impart their negativity, why then would they choose you? Double check your own reputation and you may find you need to restate to those who come to you with negativity.

Understand that negativity drains your power to excel. Take 100% responsibility for your own success and make a decision to change your own attitude. Gravitate towards people who see the world and its possibilities as positive.