Meet the Team

Jerry Donlon

Employee since 1975

Directs the company’s present and future growth. Ensures Standard Equipment maintains the talent, financial resources and the customer base to ensure continued growth. Manages and monitors overall sales and customer service, and keeps the company and its employees accountable.

“Standard’s number one job is helping customer do their job. We don’t succeed unless the customer succeeds.”

Mark Paterson

Vice President of Operations
Employee since 2016

Leads, trains and directs Parts and Service Operations. Manage and monitor our customers’ experiences with Standard across the aftermarket organization. Ensure constant focus maintaining training, staffing, tooling, facilities and parts support. Help our customers maintain their equipment with highest level of up-time and performance.

“We are in the business of providing solutions to our customers. Every customer is different, and we tailor our solutions to their needs. One thing never changes: our commitment to our customers and the up-time of their equipment. We live our company motto every day: 'Depend on Us'.”


Darren Simon
Director of Sales
Employee since 2017

Mike O’Connor
CRM – Municipal
Employee since 2006

Maintains relationships with existing customers, builds new relationships with prospective customers, and develops sales within the new equipment, used equipment, parts and service departments.

“I’d like to assure each customer that they can depend on Standard Equipment to provide the premier products in the industry, as well as the parts and service needed to maintain those products.”

Bob Donlon
Sales Representative
Employee since 2006


Richard Bakken
Sales Representative 
Employee since 2016


Denny Danko
Product Service Support
Employee since 2004

Oversees training for new and used equipment, evaluates used equipment, and provides field troubleshooting, mechanics training, and in-house project engineering.

“When you call us, we provide science – not conjecture." 


Sales Team– Contractor 

Dave Donlon
Manager - Contractor Sales
Employee since 1977

Directs and coordinates sewer and hydro excavation equipment rentals for municipal, contractor and industrial customers.

“My goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing technical and administrative support, delivering reliable equipment on time, and continually monitoring our team’s performance.”

Brian Donlon
Contractor Sales
Employee since 2010

Serving the Contractor industry for all new, rebuilt and rental needs.

“I strive to give the best consultation advice on your sewer water, underground, street sweeping, and rolloff needs."


Sales Team – Custom Rebuild and Refuse


Joe Donlon
Director of Sales – Used Equipment and Refuse
Employee since 1989

Oversees the sales of our used equipment and refuse equipment.

“I strive to provide solutions to customers’ situations, by listening to their needs and devising plans to accommodate them.”

Jim Ricker
CRM – Used Equipment
Employee since 2013

Serves as customer sales representative for custom rebuilt used equipment.

“My goal is to provide quality equipment, affordably priced, with customer satisfaction as the end result.”

Mark Paduveris
Sales Representative – Used Equipment
Employee since 2016

Andy Chmiel
Used Equipment Coordinator
Employee since 2013

Builds sales through lead generation and inside sales.

“I hope to provide customers with dependable equipment solutions in a timely manner.”

Tom Donlon
Manager - Custom Rebuilt Inspection and Purchasing
Employee since 1975

Oversees Service Support team and administrative internal processes. Plans departmental facilities to meet capabilities. Manages acquisition and renovation of Custom Rebuilt Equipment.

“I am committed to improving our methods, facilities and knowledge in anticipation of our customers' needs.”


Sales Team – Refuse

Bruce Hedrich
Sales Manager - Refuse
Employee since 1999

Directs and coordinates sales for solid waste removal and recycling equipment

“My goal is to be an asset to our customers by providing product knowledge, assistance and solutions to their solid waste removal, material handling and recycling needs.”


Sales Team – Truck

Richard Bakken
Autocar Truck Sales Representative 
Employee since 2016



Parts Team

Preston Tillstrom
Parts Manager
Employee since 2001

Manages the parts department, and oversees the purchasing, inventory, staff use, pricing and advertising of our parts.

“Our parts department provides customers with what they need, when they need it, at the right price.”

Lewis Porrata
Parts Sales Counter Manager
Employee since 2001

Oversees parts sales and daily parts deliveries.

“At Standard Equipment, our customers are our livelihood. I work to make parts purchasing easier for the customer by finding the part they need, ensuring a timely delivery and providing helpful, polite communication.”

Fred Aguirre
Parts Sales Counter
Employee since 2006

Provides service department with informed parts knowledge via equipment evaluations and one-on-one meetings with service personnel.

“My Goal is to keep the warehouse organized, ensuring that customer's orders are filled as quickly and accurately as possible.”

Michael Kowalczyk
Parts Sales Counter
Employee since 2010

Assists customers with parts purchases.

“I strive to provide you with the parts and equipment you need – plus the occasional twist of humor that ensures you leave with a smile.”

John Scumaci
Parts Sales Counter
Employee since 2013

Provides parts to technicians, fulfills part orders, breaks down machines to determine parts needs, collaborates with vendors to purchase parts, provides parts quotes for technicians and foremen.

“Standard Equipment raises the bar in providing excellent customer service in specialty equipment repair and service – all in a time-sensitive environment.”

Andrew McCarthy
Underground Product Manager
Employee since 2013

Provides training, demonstrations and repairs for all Envirosight equipment and updates team members on the latest technical advances in the inspection camera industry.

“When you bring your inspection camera to Standard Equipment Company, you can depend on all repairs and knowledge of the product to be above the rest.”


Service Team


Frank Hauser
Service Manager
Employee since 2016

Manages the service techs, provides technical support for customers, provides quotes for parts and service, and ensures repairs are completed correctly and on time.

“My goal is to consistantly provide superior service to customers - keeping your vehicles on the road and minimizing downtime.”

Steve Southard
Product Support Sales Representative
Employee since 2005

Directly assists customers with all of their aftermarket needs, whether they need an estimate for a major service repair, parts support, or training on how to best use their equipment.

“My goal is to provide customers with superior service by reacting quickly to their needs – minimizing downtime and maximizing equipment longevity.”

Tristen Dillard
Service Writer
Employee since 2017


Administrative Team


Matthew Golland
Chief Financial Officer
Employee since 2013

• Oversees Accounting

“I work to give Standard Equipment’s customer-facing staff members the support they need to exceed customer expectations.”

Meredith Lankenau
Human Resources Manager 
Employee since 2017

Marius Pop
Staff Accountant
Employee since 2013

Researches and analyzes accounts to provide financial information for coworkers and customers, and records all financial information and transactions.

“We are here for you, so do not hesitate to contact us!”

Carol Boyd
Accounts Payable
Employee since 2006

• Ensures company invoices are vouchered for payment, and maintains the office with general administrative duties.

“I believe great customer service builds wonderful, long-term working relationships. My goal is to greet you with a smile, and leave you with a smile – on the phone and in person.”

Tiffany Vilchis
Sales Coordinator
Employee since 2013

Coordinates and processes all sales activities from initial customer order to receiving.

“I hope to provide customers with efficient and complete service information. Our process helps ensure that customers have all their service needs met and always know what to expect.”

Derek Schou
Marketing Coordinator
Employee since 2016

Coordinates all corporate communication efforts including: marketing, advertising and promotional activities.

“My goal is to create greater awareness of the products Standard Equipment represents and the services we provide.”

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